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Uw boot verkopen is ons vak

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Boten zijn onze passie


Wolfrat yachtbrokers can offer you almost 40 years of experience in their business. This is why they have become one of the leading Dutch yachtbrokers. Reason enough for many buyers and sellers to visit our sales marina.

Our approach

Our approach is a very personal one. As far as possible, we accompany aspiring purchasers to the yachts they are interested in. Our staff members are always at your disposition – if requested – in order to provide you with information and advising you. Wolfrat can also help you with all further arrangements such as financing, transport or possibly required reconstructions. Selling virtually takes place on our sales marina. A fact which among others contributes to achieving our high sales figures.

Taxation free of charge

In case a client desires to sell his yacht, we first value and inspect it – without charging or engaging him. This taxation enables us to estimate the possible selling chances, which in consequence we can discuss with the client. Only after this first step the client may commission us with selling his jacht and bring it to our sales marina.

Some figures

Since our foundation in 1980 the number of annually sold yachts has increased to more than 100. And we can handle many more! Thanks to qualified inspection and valuation of your yacht prior to selling it, our sales score is significantly high. Most of the yachts to be sold by us, find a buyer within six months. 30% of our clients come from foreign countries.

Our offer

Wolfrat has been specialized on selling motoryachts, cutters and Dutch vlets ranging in the category of 10 – 20 m length. Most of our yachts were built in the Netherlands and are equipped with diesel engines. Yachts, offered by us, vary – as far as the year of their construction is concerned – from the early seventies until latest models. Prices are in fair relation with the year of construction, manufacturing and the state of maintenance. All year long you find in our sales marina a range of about 50 – 100 yachts, selected for you.

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Good results

We mainly thank them to our various activities such as service for customers, tele- and internetmarketing, advertising, attending fairs, publication and mailing of our own selling-brochure, promotion of our sales marina and of course the good maintenance of our yachts. As a matter of fact the excellent organisation of HISWA jachtbrokers and the N.B.M.S (the dutch association of sworn and certified ship brokers) also has its part in our succes.

Wolfrat yachtbrokers centrally located in the market

The location of our sales marina is unique. Right in the centre of Loosdrecht, a place which plays an important role for all watersport activities in the Netherlands and in Europe! Loosdrecht also has a leading position in the world of yachtbroking. Apart from a big number of dealers, more than 15% of all Dutch yachtbroking companies are situated in Loosdrecht. The specialization in motoryachts within this surrounding offers Wolfrat a very good starting point for selling and purchasing. Reason enough for more than 3000 buyers and sellers a year to visit our sales marina.